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About Us

What we Really do?

3D-eConnectivity 2 Globe is a company offering AI & cheap digital marketing services, outsourcing solutions, business process management, and technological advancements to organizations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility, and cost savings.

We help create a virtual extension of our clients’ enterprise with an operational framework which is simple, flexible and resilient. 3D-eConnectivity 2 Globe enables its clients to extend current capabilities and build value-added services by providing global access to resources and diverse skill sets, including best practices in multiple processes and technology domains. Our services are designed to aid businesses improve their operational efficiencies, performance and reduce costs.


Our Unique business model

Our core business models focus on driving success through purposeful engagement.​At 3D-eConnectivity 2 Globe, we’re driven by the purpose of ‘building your business’. This fundamental premise differentiates our model and engagement approach, where your success becomes the very core of our relationship. We have designed a unique model where meeting the clients’ needs come first. This enables us to be agile and responsive in creating tailor-made solutions that meet our client’s needs. We believe in customer-first, and everything is aligned to deliver this promise.

Our Capabilities

The organization 3D-eConnectivity 2 Globe is a global organization having presence in North America and Asia with business development unit in Round Rock, Texas, USA and a solutions delivery center in Mumbai, India. The business unit in the United States is involved in planning, conceptualizing business development strategies and sales plans to bring business opportunities to provide cheap digital marketing services & IT services resulting in a radical digital transformation to it's customer's businesses by building advanced technology based IT products and cheap digital marketing services which it offers to large/medium/small organizations across the continents at easily affordable low cost. The senior management team of the organization including consultants has collective experience of close to nine decades in managing advanced research/digital marketing/commercial projects/products/services along with some team members with more than a decade and half's exposure in finance/operations/HR domain involving big teams for large organizations in India and North America, the brief profiles of these team members given below is a testimony for their all round expertise which would ensure time-bound execution of all projects of the organization

Mr. Rajesh Duraimani Master of Computer Applications (MCA), MS (Management of Technology), Chief Executive Officer & Software Architect, Austin, TX, USA

Rajesh is involved in execution of  large scale IT projects for almost two decades having experience in fortune 500 global multinational organizations in the US and Asia. He was instrumental in on-time delivery of multiple projects using advanced cutting edge front end technologies like Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET as well as data platforms like MS SQL Server. He has extensive experience in software architecture design/ development using object oriented design implemented by using various design patterns. Rajesh also has exposure in various IT project management methodologies (Classic & Agile) and has been involved in implementing them for over a decade. Rajesh has MS in Management of Technology from a premier school in the US, Minnesota State University, Minneapolis, MN as well as Master of Computer Applications and he is based in Austin, TX, USA.                     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mr. Sachin Ghaste Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Vice President IT Delivery & Software Architect, El Paso, TX, USA

Sachin is managing big budget IT projects for large multinational clients in North America and Asia involving cross functional teams spread across the globe with off-shore/near-shoring business model for almost over two decades. Apart from having made stellar contribution as a senior technical architect involved in designing robust, scalable software solutions using OOD, software design patterns for few among top three innovative IT companies in Silicon Valley and NYC/NJ in USA, which are pioneers in Micro-processor based technological revolution instrumental in bringing web based technologies Sachin has also served as a single point of contact for all critical technical design discussions held with the client's top management and has independently resolved many mission critical volatile situations by quickly identifying bottlenecks to ensure 24/7 availability of critical systems which were backbone of clients consumer centric business applications preventing significant loses to client's business. He has extensive exposure in handling entire SBUs as a lead in large organizations and start-ups in IT, investment, banking, finance, pharmaceutical, utility, semiconductor sector using cutting edge technology platforms like cloud computing, big data analytics, content management and web technologies while managing large software development/operations teams in India and the United States for implementing for high latency real time advanced software systems/applications for varied domains. Sachin is equally at ease while dealing with domain experts i.e. client business teams and technical teams. Sachin has bachelors in Electrical Engineering from a premier engineering school in Mumbai, India.


Ms. Subbalaxmi Gurumoorthy Master of Computer Applications, MS (Information Technology) Vice President Quality Assurance, Austin, TX, USA

Subbbalaxmi is managing large quality assurance initiatives including product launching for software projects for multinational organizations in the United States having global presence for over a decade. She was instrumental in steering large quality assurance teams for innovative software applications/products focused on mobile computing based on Near Field Communication (NFC),  machine to machine(M2M) communication and banking solutions like Host Card Emulation using Cloud Computing. She has extensive experience in software development (SDLC, J2EE), IT process efficiency/QA (software QA automation tools, build/configuration automation tools), IT Consulting with large organizations and start-ups in technology, banking sector using cutting edge technology platforms like mobile computing, cloud computing. Subbbalaxmi has MS in Information Technology from a premier school in the US, Minnesota State University, Minneapolis, MN as well as Master of Computer Applications and she is based in Austin, TX, USA


Dr. Sangeeta Tiwari Doctorate (Microbiology) and worked as a infectious diseases Research Scientist at Yale School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, USA

Vice President Operations

Sangeeta was managing innovative research projects in a research lab near El Paso, TX, USA, affiliated with a top basic sciences research school in a top state owned American University (ranked under 50, among best universities/schools in the US) focused on basic sciences research to cure/prevent life threatening infectious diseases like TB, Cancer, HIV using precision drugs/medicine for almost over a decade. Sangeeta has written numerous research papers while conducting/managing research projects, which have been published in top journals, like Nature Immunology, Science and Immunity and were well received by research community across the globe with many citations from fellow researchers in her research domain. She is also an official reviewer for few well known top medical/basic sciences journals. She holds a doctorate in Microbiology and worked as a research scientist at a premier Ivy league schools in the US, The Yale School of Medicine, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, USA. She is based in El Paso, TX, USA.

3D eConnectivity 2 Globe

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